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You never know what you'll see under the hood at the SEMA Show.

First Look at Delinte’s New Powerline and Performance Tires at Booth #44071.

This year at SEMA 2023 we’ll be showcasing our high-performing Passenger tire lines, including a new Powerline, our rugged range of Light Truck tires, and the new Delinte TBR.

Innovative New Tire Series Includes First of its Kind UHP Powerline Tire and More!

For 2023, Delinte brings on the power and performance with three new tires:


The innovative DYNAMX DS2 is the first of its kind: an Ultra-High Performance Powerline tire with multiple wheel diameters, over 100 sizes, and Staggered Fitments. Its Intelligent tread design is engineered to optimize control in all driving conditions, and the QST Technology accelerates water evacuation and improves handling in wet conditions. The DS2’s angled tread design maximizes braking performance and road traction, and wide, symmetrical shoulder blocks give stability and control at higher speeds.

SEE THE NEW Dynamx Sport 2


DST1 is an All-Season Ultra High-Performance tire with specifically engineered technical features that give maximum driving performance and low noise. The tire footprint is optimized for improved mileage and enhanced performance, with a tread design engineered for low road noise and maximum comfort. The angled sipes deliver balanced performance during acceleration, braking, and cornering, and the DST1’s 3D sipes increase traction and control on wet roads.



The DST2 is an ultra-reliable All-Season Touring tire for SUV and CUVs, specially engineered for all driving conditions from dry, hot highways to wet roads and even snow. In wet road conditions, wide tread grooves evacuate water quickly to prevent hydroplaning and 3D sipes keep the tire in contact with the road for stability and control. The Intelligent tread block pattern reduces road noise and keeps the ride comfortable, and tread contact is optimized to distribute grip, reduce rolling resistance, and optimize tread wear.


New Delinte TBR and LTC Product Lineup

Delinte launches Delinte TBR Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) and Commercial Light Truck (LTC), a new range of seven tires ranging from All-Position, Trailer, Closed-Shoulder, Open-Shoulder, Long Haul and Mixed Service applications. These tires are engineered for durability, stability, and especially to resist tread wear to maximize fuel dollars!

Continuing the relentless pursuit of technology, innovation & profitability.

Day 1 of SEMA

Our first day of SEMA is off to a strong start! We have the booth set up, including the GMC Sierra 6x6 by Esteem Garage.

Day 2 of SEMA

Day 2 was in full effect. From the new Powerline tires to the new TBR tires, the display was amazing!

Day 3 of SEMA

The Honda/Acura NSX at the Kalon Wheels booth featuring Delinte D7 tires in a tribute to JDM tuning. What is JDM? JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market.
Tires: 255/30r20 (front) and 305/25r20 (rear)

Behind the Scenes at SEMA

A look behind the scenes with the media team as they capture more exciting footage to share. The team is hard at work putting together some awesome video content, so keep checking back! New video is coming soon.

Photoshoot at Lake Mead

Come behind the scenes with us at this photoshoot on location at Lake Mead. Jamie Orr's 1998 Volkswagen LT was perfectly highlighted against the rugged natural scenery. The shoot was far from seamless, but worthwhile as you can see! There's nothing like camping in a place like this.

Jamie's Volkswagen LT features Delinte's Bandit A/T DX10 All-Terrain tires.

Behind the Scenes with the Team at the Boulder City Dry Lake Bed Photoshoot

The weather forecast predicted 56 degrees, but the temperature ended up falling to a chilly 39 degrees at this photo shoot in the Boulder City Dry Lake Bed. This lake bed is a Nevada Historic Landmark, and attracts ATV, 4x4 and off-road drivers who love the speeds they can drive across this wide open space.

This rugged Jeep Wrangler High Tide is outfitted with Delinte's Bandit M/T Mud-Terrain tires, one of the best off-road tires for control and traction on all kinds of terrain.

The team also got to shoot this Ram TRX, which was kicking up dust with Delinte's Bandit A/T DX10 All Terrain tires.

An Important Message for Our Industry Partners

SEMA is an exciting time for auto enthusiasts to meet and see the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer, and this year may have been the best yet! A huge thanks to everyone who attended and supported us this year.

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