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You're a recreationist. It doesn’t matter what the season is, if the weather’s right, you want to get outside and test your limits.
If both highway drives and off-road adventures are on your list, you know you need tires with serious grip to handle the highways and the backroads or trails. You want an All-Terrain tire, but how do you know which one is the best?

What Are All-Terrain Tires?

All-Terrain tires combine the open tread design of off-roading tires, with more responsive handling than a Mud-Terrain tire. The open tread pattern grips off-road terrain well, but the tread design contacts the road more than an M/T for better control on paved roads.

All-Terrain tires often have reinforced sidewalls for off-roading and heavier vehicles, like Light Trucks, SUVs and campers. All-Terrain tires are right for you if you drive paved roads and off-road terrain equally, since they’re made for both.

For an All-Terrain tire that also performs in snow and winter weather, check for an A/T tire with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating, meaning it’s been industry tested and rated for good traction in severe snow and winter weather.

What Are The Cons of All-Terrain Tires?

As far as the negatives, many models of All-Terrain tires can have a shorter tread life due to more flexible rubber compounds. Some All-Terrains are also known to be noisy on the highway, because of air passing between the tread grooves during driving. Some A/T tires may not provide as good handling and stability as a Highway or Touring tire would.

The Best A/T Tire is The One That Meets Your Needs

The Delinte Bandit A/T answers many of the problems that drivers have with All-Terrain tires. Are All-Terrain tires loud? The 5-Block tread pattern design of the Bandit A/T tire was specially designed to reduce noise on a variety of different terrains.
Do All-Terrain tires wear faster? Not the ones that feature extended tread wear, like the Bandit A/T does!
Are All-Terrain tires good for highway driving? The Bandit A/T provides stability and good high-speed cornering thanks to its specially engineered shoulder design.
Can you use All-Terrain tires in the snow? The Bandit A/T is 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated for severe snow conditions, so it will have grip and traction even in the worst of ice and snow. Depending on the climate where you live, you may even be able to drive on these tires year round.

The 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating

The 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating indicates a tire that has been tested for good traction in severe snow conditions and meets the industry standard for performance in these conditions.

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The Conclusion

The Bandit A/T DX10 is a versatile tire for light trucks, pickup trucks, and SUVS that can open up options for both paved and off-road driving. With extended tread wear, the Bandit A/T gives handling and stability, the highest snow rating, and is designed to reduce the noise of the road.