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If you crave high speeds, chase the sensation of being at one with your vehicle, and love to feel the road as you drive, then you’ve probably heard of High-Performance and Ultra-High Performance tires. You may even already use them. But not all Performance tires are created equal. How do you know if High- or Ultra-High Performance tires are worth it? How do you find the best ultra-high performance tire?

HP Vs UPH: Max Performance

The differences between High Performance (HP) and Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tires can look subtle, but for serious drivers, they make a big difference. High- and Ultra-High Performance tires are built to withstand high speeds, disperse heat build-up, and have a large contact patch for the precision handling that’s needed in high speed driving.

High-Performance tires give enhanced traction and grip, but Ultra-High Performance tires take performance features to the next level by maximizing both traction and handling. UHP tires are also built for the extra torque and horsepower that comes with driving at higher speeds, and deliver extra responsive handling. UHP Tires usually also have higher speed ratings than HP or Touring tires.

The DS2 UHP Meets Your Need for Speed

Delinte’s answer is the DS2 Dynamx Sport 2, Delinte’s first Powerline Ultra-High Performance tire. This first-of-its-kind Ultra-High Performance Powerline tire is truly a tire that makes the precise control and handling of an UHP tire available to today’s SUV drivers, luxury vehicle owners, daily drivers, and more! Not only does it come in a vast range of sizes, it’s available for staggered fitments.

Delinte Tires DX9 Bandit | M/T | Mud-Terrain

The DS2 has an Ultra-High Performance Tread, with ultra-wide tread grooves that use Delinte’s proprietary QST Technology to rapidly evacuate water and boost performance in wet conditions. This Intelligent Tread Design reduces noise and keeps the ride comfortable, and the tread's large contact footprint gives more control in all types of conditions.

The DS2’s innovative Angled Tread Design with 3D voids maximize braking performance and give the tire even more traction. For that extra stability you need at higher speeds or during performance driving, the DS2’s wide, Symmetrical Shoulder Blocks give optimum stability. The DS2 is Mud+Snow Rated, meaning that it maintains traction in muddy and light snow conditions, and Delinte backs this tire up with their 55K D-Shield Mileage Warranty Plan and their Road Hazard Warranty Plan.

Take a closer look at the DS2 Ultra-High Performance Powerline tire, and get familiar with its engineered UHP features for yourself in this video.

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