AW5 Van

AW5 Van

All Weather Radial Tire

The AW5 Van’s tread compound and pattern are specifically designed to deliver high performance all year round, in any type of weather. Numerous biting edges provide increased traction in wet, snowy, or icy conditions. Pattern blocks within contain high-density waves of stereoscopic sipes, which allows the tire to maintain block rigidity and enhances both control and performance.




Tailored for peak performance in any weather with exclusive all season tread design.

Features & Benefits

Big Pattern Outside Block Design.

Increased rigidity is provided, increasing control and stability, as well as elevating performance.

Wide Longitudinal Drainage Grooves.

Designed for peak performance in the rain and snow, due to the three wide longitudinal drainage grooves which channel road water out from underneath the tire.

Anti-Slip Microgroove Design.

The central pattern surface contains microgrooves, allowing for increase grip and road holding by force, due to increased contact between tire and the road.

Deep-Groove Design.

Tire durability and life mileage are extended thanks to full depth grooves.

AW5 Van Tire Size Chart

SeriesSizeLI/SIPly / Load RangeRim WidthTread Depth 1/32''Tread Depth mmDiameter inchDiameter mmSection Width inchSection Width mmMax Load (Single) lbsMax Load (Single) kgMax Load (Dual) lbsMax Load (Dual) kgMax Pressure psiMax Pressure kPaRPM